I'm Still Around

Hey friends,

Sorry I haven't been back here to post for a while. Life keeps getting in the way of my blogging. :(

For those of you who haven't heard my darling Mama had herself a wee heart attack almost 2 weeks ago. She was quite poorly for a few days, but has been improving in strength again during the past week. I took her home from hospital last night and, other than being quite tired, she seems to be doing okay. The cardiac team looking after her were planning on getting some surgery organised for her, but, sadly, she has too many other complications to make this a viable option. All about keeping her comfortable and managing her symptoms these days. Sadly, her treatment is considered to be palliative as any surgery to correct the multiple problems she has would more than likely prove to be fatal. We're unsure just how many days she has left here in this life with us....could be 1, 10, 100 or more. I'm all about making the most of those moments that count and making sure I have no regrets when that day does arrive when she is no longer with us. As much as I thought I was prepared for that day, these recent events have shown me you can never really prepare yourself to say goodbye to someone you love.

Plus my gorgeous housemate got married at the beginning of last week and it was truly one of the most stunning weddings I've been to in quite some time. I had a ball and loved watching my dear, faithful friend say I do to the love of her life. They are currently lying on a beach somewhere in Tahiti adjusting to married life. :)

And now I'm sorting out my home. I haven't moved - but there are changes happening here now that my roomie has moved into her new house with her new husband. I have changed bedrooms and have ordered some new furniture and changed the layouts of the living spaces. Still a wee bit of sorting and settling to do and then the hunt for a new roomie begins. :)

In addition, our Clinic has been the busiest in these first four months of the year than I've experienced in all of my 10yrs of working there!! Great for the bottom line (ie $$$), but given I work in a Breast Cancer Clinic, bad news that we've been so busy. And its not just us, the other Breast Surgeons at our Clinic have been quite frantic too.

I have been creating and playing with some new stamp sets, just haven't had a moment to photograph them or get them up here on the ol' blog-o. However, we have a lovely 5 day weekend ahead of us here what with Easter and Anzac Day and I have nothing much planned, except for an Easter service or two and attending a Dawn Service on Anzac Day. So hoping to get plenty of crafting time and grabbing a moment to take some photos of my creations whilst the sun is up. I'll post as soon as I can.

I was fortunate enough to attend a mixed media class with Nathalie Kalbach at my LSS on Monday and I still have the glimmer mist ink under my nails to prove it!! I'm not entirely happy with my creation but I LOVED playing with gesso and mists/inks to create a canvas. Watch this space for more of this. :) Plus I sat next to a new, totally delightful friend who flew up from Adelaide just to attend this class!

Its been quite a chaotic start to 2011. But I'm still here, still have my smile on my face and a hug and kind word for anyone who happens across my path. Just need to remember that I need to look after myself too, so I'm around for the long haul as well. And crafting is my first stop for "therapy" and "me" time - so hopefully I'll be here more often than not in the days/weeks/months ahead.

Happy Easter to all of you, my lovely friends.
Blessings. Michey xxx

PS: Since I missed my 1yr Blogaversary last year and I have a birthday coming up....I'm hoping to get a "candy" post put together in the next little while too. Mwah!!