Hello Friends

Hey lovely blog buddies,

Sorry its been so long in between posts. What can I say. Life has been busy and full, some good and some really not good.
All I can say is.....thank you for sticking with me in my absences.
And for those of you who have used other methods to contact me and encourage me....bless you!!
It truly means the world to me.

Last year ended in a frenzy of busyness. Work practically took everything I had to offer and then some, but I made it to Christmas with my mind and my heart intact, even if the body was a bit bruised from the stampede.
I worked through the Christmas/New Year period as I had planned my holidays for early January.
I took my dear Mama home to Queensland to visit our family and friends up there.
And we made it through five days of solid, heavy, rain at Noosa on the coast.
After all my planning and scheming to get Mama up there, we were not really able to see all that I had planned as there was so much flooding going on.
It truly did not let up. Then we ventured up to Toowoomba, which is about 20mins from my hometown of Oakey.
Yes....we were there when the floods came through. We were safe, thankfully, though our room was flooded and my suitcase was soaked through.
We were unable to leave when we had planned though as all roads around Toowoomba were cut by flood water or pavement damage.
Whilst I was incredibly stressed whilst I was there, partly because I was unable to contact my family and friends and partly because it was stressful for Mama and her frail health, in hindsight, given what my family has lost and had to endure, it was so insignificant.

Sadly, I know some who lost their lives in the floods as well as too many who lost property, houses, possessions, livelihoods!!
My heart is broken for you Queensland and, if it was truly within my ability at this moment, I'd be back up there in a heartbeat helping out.

So, I haven't had much time to create lately, though I've managed to produce a card or two when the need arises, it's usually under pressure and I don't have the luxury of sitting and creaing just for the fun of it at the moment.

My roommate is getting married in just over 6 weeks and then I'll be changing bedrooms and creating my very own little crafty cave in our garage!! I'm too excited. A space of my own to set up and leave up for crafting!! Yay. I won't have to put everything away when I'm done and will have everything there at my fingertips to use. Double Yay!!

Anyway, I'm sure you stopped by to see a card, right??!!

Here's one I made last year as a gift for a gorgeous girlfriend.

Kraft and black - does it get more elegant than that??
Be hard to imagine. :)

I've stamped the chandelier images with Versamark and then embossed with black EP directly onto some printed Kraft DP by Basic Grey.

I added some pleated Kraft coloured grosgrain ribbon I picked up at Spotlight and then wrapped this and made a bow with a thin strip of black satin ribbon.

Adhered it to a Kraft base and there you have it.

I hope to blogging a little more regularly from now on and certainly/definitely so once I've made the move and set up my new little "happy" place.

In fact, one of the reasons I haven't been blogging is that our ISP at work blocked access to Google and blogger back in late October. This meant that I was unable to log in to view my own blog, create new posts and leave comments on other blogs as well. I could have done it from home, but honestly, I get home exhausted most evenings from work and by the time I've done dinner, etc., I did not want to go sit in front of a computer again.

I've constantly checked access at work and yesterday discovered - to my absolute delight - that I can now log in again!! Whooopppeeeee!!

So hopefuly that means I'll be back to some regular sort of posting and updating of this ol' Blog-o of mine. Mind you - this is ususally done at the end of the day so we'll see. Its already after 8pm on Thursday evening here now!! Eeeee.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this looooooong post.
Much love.
Michey xxxx


Joy said...

So nice to see you creating and blogging again Michelle, your card is truly beautiful and what a way to start you blogging again. Sending all my hugs your way sweetie, I know how tough it has been for you lately, remember I am here for you!

Michelle (sf9erfan) said...

Hey Michelle! What a sad story about getting caught in the floods. I followed the floods closely as my BFF, Kathy Jones also lives in Australia. I love this card, the chandeliers are perfectly placed and your ribbon treatment is stunning! I will have to try that too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment. Have a great day, michelle

Nerina said...

Oh My Word, I LOVE your ribbon treatment on this! Your images look totally fabulous stamped onto the patterned paper ... but that ribbon - eeeek! - it just WOW's me all the way!!

Mindy said...

Such an elegant card - breathtaking! I love what you have done with the ribbon and the beautiful color combo. Amazing card!

{Lynn - that's me!} said...

Wow, what a story...you have really been though a lot. But your creativity hasn't suffered because this card is just amazing. I love your images, but your ribbon treatment is totally amazing! Wow...such a gorgeous card.

Marcia said...

Good to see you back blogging, sometimes though time away can be refreshing.

Although I am in WA, the floods and times in QLD this year have been devastating to watch. I'm glad you are safe and I hope that the impact isn't too long lasting for you.

Have fun setting up your happy space!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Beautiful card! So elegant and I love the ribbon treatment!

Edna Morrisedie said...

Hi Michey... I have been wondering wondering wondering where you are, nice to see you back in the swing... the floods have been a little difficult to get through given the destruction literally one street from me, but alas we all must move through it... glad you and yours survived being here for it!! I LOVE Kraft and Black and I have had a note on my craft list to get back to it.. also bought some yummy new Graphic45 papers the other day that are all black and cream... thanks for letting me know you are BACK!! Take care and embrace all of the changes ahead, especially the new creative space, hugs my dear!

Amy said...

Hey there, Michey! So glad to see you posting, though I'm so sorry for all the destruction over there and to think you and your mom were right in the middle of it! Wow!
I've often thought of you and hoped you were doing well, you definitely haven't lost any of your creativity...this card is truly gorgeous and so elegant! Love that ribbon treatment too!

Sammi said...

so sad ... I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of many others too! (hugs) Praying for strength and comfort for all who are still dealing with the devestation from the floods etc!!

Love this card and oooh...How exciting that you are going to have a crafty space that can be left out! yipee!!

Jennifer Rzasa said...

Wow...so elegant!