Magnolia Candy Alert

Hey lovelies,

Check out Jodi's blog -------->
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She has some awesome Magnolia Stamps Candy up for grabs.
Hope you are going great.....I'm seriously melting today......its a wee 35.8C in my house at the moment & its 3.30pm!! Blurgh.
Summer has finally arrived. Its supposed to be like this for the next 4-7 days......can't wait to go to back to work from my hols and be in the A/c on Monday!! :)

Still some of you lovelies are buried under snow atm, so each to their own, huh.

Lots of loving, Michey. xxx

1 comment:

Amy said...

So how is it going back at work?
We are having a heat wave, 3.3C, here too! ;)